Collins COBUILD Resource Pack on CD ROM - Lexicon.
(c) HarperCollins Publishers 2003

The Bank of English is a collection or corpus of samples of modern English language held on computer for analysis of words, meanings, grammar and usage.

With fast and powerful searching across all components, this CD-ROM offers an unrivalled guide to the English language today. Much more than just an electronic dictionary, it contains:
Complete 4th edition of the Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners including: 2,000 new words that have come into use more examples improved coverage of American English updated definitions to make them simpler and provide a clearer understanding.

• Collins COBUILD Guide to English Usage - rapid access to additional information on how to use the word

• Collins COBUILD English Grammar - for a full explanation of English Grammar terms

• Fast reference to the grammar symbols in the help file – simple, easy-to-understand definitions for the grammar symbols so you can fully understand how the word is used

• Quickly retrieve examples of the use of words in real English text, written and spoken from the Word Bank of 5 million words of authentic text samples

• Thesaurus containing over 130,000 synonyms

• Over 70,000 high quality audio pronunciations of headwords, phrases, derived words, and inflected forms

• Record and playback feature so users can compare their own pronunciation with the high quality recording on the CD-ROM

• Full text search over all the contents of this comprehensive CD-ROM

• One-click hyperlinking so the user can link quickly and easily move between the dictionary, grammar, usage, thesaurus, and Word Bank

• Full installation to the hard drive option for fast and easy reference without using the CD

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